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I used to see a hung black stud weekly over by Downey but he quit talking to me last Feb. Several days ago, he answered one of my ads & told me he misses my mouth & ass. I told him to get lost, that he’d had his chance. On the 23rd, I heard from him again; he said he would resume seeing me regularly. He wanted me to pick him up near Gardena, so I left home in my cargo-van at 8:30. I picked him up, drove to a pre-selected spot to park, then we got in back on the bed. He told me to wear panties, so I had on a light red lace pair. I stripped down to them, got between his legs & took his very thick 8″ cock in my mouth! I wetly sucked & slurped on his BBC & big balls then got into a semi-69 so he could fondle my butt & I could deep throat that thing (it has a slight upward curve). Giving him throat drove him nuts, he even fucked my mouth.

Would he use a condom or fuck me bareback? I sat up, smeared a lot of lube on & in my hole, then resumed sucking him. Previously, it was always safe sex, but he’s got a new neg test so I hoped he would do me raw. When he was ready, I pulled the panties down to half mast & got on my hands & knees. I had a Magnum nearby but he didn’t ask for it, instead he got behind me & immediately rammed that thing all the way inside, bb! I moaned out loud – he’s got a really large cut dick! Then he fucked me hard until he cried out in orgasm & unleashed a flood of male goo in my rectum! Then we cleaned up & I took him back.

I thought my night was over. I stopped at a nearby McDonald’s to write up the story in greater detail then posted it on CL. By 10:20, I was back in my truck headed north on the freeway toward home. Suddenly I got a text. I pulled off the 110 at Florence and parked. It was from a guy I’d seen a few weeks ago. He wanted me to come to his storefront church in South LA. I told him I’d just been fucked & asked if he was OK with sloppy 2nds. He said that’s fine. I was only a couple miles away & would be there shortly. I drove west then south then pulled up at his church. With my totebag in hand (it holds all my supplies), I walked inside.

The room was dark except for the little lights on a Christmas tree. There are about a dozen pews in this place, with an office and restroom at the back. I used the restroom to wipe off lube and cum then undressed in the office. I knelt down when he walked up to me, his big cock hanging heavily 2″ from my face. I licked my lips then sucked it up! We both had popper bottles & we sniffed from them. I got him rock hard then worked his balls. He fucked my face with a couple inches of dick popping into my throat each stroke! His balls bounced on my chin. I applied lube to my butthole but I wondered if that was even necessary, my hole felt very wet.

He turned me to the left, facing a padded wood bench. I laid my head on my arms & spread my knees. He slipped his 8″ cut dick into my hole & began fucking me! I urged him on. I told him I was his slut & to fuck his slut & breed me. He was hitting it hard. The top of my head banged into the unpadded bench back. Then I heard him groan and felt his shaft spasm as he shot his hot wet load into me! When he pulled out, I found two globs of cum on the floor. That happens with sloppies. He tossed me paper towels & I wiped up the mess. Minutes later, I was dressed, out the door & headed home again.

For hours afterward, it felt like warm butter between my ass cheeks. :=)

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