By now, u know about my blog. turns out i have a fan who lives in my city. at 8:57pm on Tues, Feb 2nd, he emailed me & said: “Hey there, (mid-20’s) college student from (the South). New here, been reading your blog. How soon can u get to (my city)? Let me breed u.” i replied with a welcome-to-Cali greeting, requested pics & answers to several questions, since he didnt provide stats or much else.

he’s a bit taller than me, proportional weight & said he was packing 8 inches of big black dick, which he described as “very thick.” he also said, “I want to hookup soon hopefully tonite. Maybe u could come in your van and have me smash your brains in after some good head. Not sure if u 420 friendly or not. I am. Definitely looking for at least twice a week. At the very least lol.” i could definitely use a good pounding twice a week & not have a 30-minute commute to get it. cool! i sent him my cell # & he replied w/ his.

i asked if he wanted me in panties & he said yes. i chose a lacy white pair & put ’em on. by text, he gave me his address. i mapped it becoz i was unfamiliar w/ his part of town & also used Street View & satellite images to pick an industrial area to park a couple miles away. i left abt 9:45 & arrived out front of his apt bldg several minutes later. no place to park, so i turned on the flashers & waited. he finally emerged, knocked on the window (becoz i was busy texting him), then he got in.

earlier, by text, he said, “i hope its as good as u say.” i replied that he is abt to find out. lol – i have an enormous amt of experience, i definitely know what im doing & am very uninhibited, but thats no guarantee that the encounter will be successful. sometimes things just dont work out & sometimes they go south becoz of the lack of personal chemistry. but thats not usually the case!

i drove west & north & discovered the location i’d chosen to be perfect. busy street, no foot traffic, lots of dark spots to park at right on the street. i pulled over at 1 such spot, turned off the engine & made preparations to make the van seem unoccupied. we got in back & got undressed – i left the panties on. i switched off my phone & told him to do the same.

he was laying on his back with legs apart. i got in between, hooked a finger around his BBC & pulled it toward me. i engulfed it w/ my wet mouth & put my tongue to work. it was very thick. i offered him poppers but he declined. i took a hit & resumed sucking. when i moved down to his balls to slurp ’em up, he reacted as tho i was tickling him. if that was the case, sorry dude. i returned to sucking & slurping his cock. it has a slight upward curve so i got into my semi-69 position with my knees next to his head & went down on him again.

suck-stroke-slurp & repeat. he was giving me a high-pitched, soft “Ahhhhhh!” moan. it sure didnt sound like he was in any kind of discomfort. finally he sat up. “wanna fuck?” yes, he said. i squeezed out a dollop of lube & smeared it on my ass hole then put some on his very large dick. & balls, too. taking a cock that wide requires a lot of slippery stuff. i got on all 4’s w/ legs apart. he got behind me, then suddenly a bright light lit up the interior. he was apparently using his phone’s flashlight app to light up my butt. i told him to turn it off. a light in a dark, supposedly-empty van will be immediately noticed by the cops or passersby. it can bring big trouble.

the head of his dick found my opening & he shoved it in, bareback! he began stroking it in & out, then he began pounding me. my head was buried in a pillow as he screwed my ass. i reached back to massage his balls & shaft, then took another popper hit. he grabbed my arm & put it under me, signaling to massage some more & i did! first, i lightly rubbed his balls, then put a couple fingers on his shaft as he fucked me. i stroked it as best i could then he suddenly erupted! he pulled out quickly & my hand caught some of his hot cum!

wowie! that was fun! i asked if he wanted to try for a second time but he said no. i handed him the wipes then mopped up the cum & lube on my ass w/ a paper towel. i asked what he thought about my rolling ho-house & he gave me a thumbs-up. “most guys cant host, i realized if i was gonna get alot of dick, i’d have to solve their hosting problem,” i explained. we got dressed & i took him almost all the way back, i dropped him off at a store in his neighborhood, then went home.

given his hot moans & explosion in my ass, my guess is that i met his expectations. he said he’d hit me up again soon – i hope he does!