A few things arrived in the mail today. Above is a bottle of an herb called pueraria mirifica. Folk tales going back centuries as well as clinical evidence states that it will cause breast growth. Its active ingredient is chemically similar to estrogen. I have no idea if this is true, but what is the risk for $15 for a bottle? So I bought one.

Tonight I will measure my bust and photograph it. At the end of one month, I will measure and photo again. If I start growing boobs, excellent, I’ll keep it up. I’m not looking for giant tits. A B-cup would be nice. There are lots of comments on Amazon about this product; many flat-out say it works. We’ll see….

Here are a couple pair of DKNY panties. Arsen will have me wearing girl stuff daily, so I’ve begun stocking up. I will try them on tonight. Bikini-style panties are better than thongs. I’ve got a dick. And balls. That shit will hang out in a thong, so what’s the point of a woman’s thong?

And here is a five-pack of K-Y jelly, my preferred lube for fucking. I know Arsen is going to keep me busy. I will place these tubes in the kitchen, living room, family room, bathrooms and bedroom. That way I won’t need to hunt up lube if he suddenly grabs me, bends me over a chair, yanks down my panties and growls that I’m about to get fucked and cummed in!

Arsen asked me last night if I could pick him (and his stuff) up on Sunday, July 9th. I said yes. Looks like things will be starting a week earlier than planned. Fine with me!

More updates soon.