I saw Maple Man on Tues, June 7th. drove the van downtown, picked him up on a corner at 10pm, we drove several blocks away to the place we parked last time. i sucked his cock, he fucked me bareback, then i took him home.

im really not in a mood to write. my efforts to find a spacious, affordable apartment or condo or house in the South Bay or South LA were unsuccessful. the price of housing in the LA is nuts. Places that are pure shit are priced sky high. greedy owners.

& then there is scam-ridden Craigs List. i’ve gotten quite good at detecting fake ads designed to scam u out of your money, or steal your identity. that site is choked w/ that shit. if u are looking for a new place, i wouldnt bother w/ CL. big waste of time.

fuck it, im moving to the Antelope Valley, to an area of around 300,000 people, located some 65 miles northeast of LA. in the desert. i found a big house, pic is above, built in 1993 & im the one that survived the credit, reference & background checks.

i was surprised to find alot of black people up there. w/ any luck, i’ll soon be available for them & will be able to host at my house!

i notified my regulars that im leaving & that if they want to see me again, to not wait very long.

some 19 days from now, i’ll be leaving LA. i dont want to pay a fucking fortune for a shit place to live. i dont want roommates, that stuff is a royal pain. i like being on my own. & that’s the way it is at this moment…