Got to wondering about breast size. I have a fabric tape measure. Band size is the chest measurement immediately below the boobs. On me, 42″. Bust size is the measurement around the body, across the boobs. If I were 43″, I would be an A cup. 44″, a B cup. 45″, a C cup. 46″, a D cup.

I’m 45″. C cup. I had no fucking idea. I thought I was like a large A cup. Cup size is the volume of the boob. They look a lot smaller on me than they would a female with a 35″ band size.

Let ’em grow. I’ll keep on taking the pueraria mirafica supplement, 1,500mg a day.

Started wearing a sports bra today. It’s really hot out and a bra just makes that worse. I didn’t wear it for long.