A black man i’ll call “DeebMan” emailed me at 1am on Thurs., Sept 22nd. i was in bed but i answered him.

“Hey 25 year old top here with a 7 inch cock, std free, hiv neg, clean, looking for a fwb, lets talk and set something up. im not mobile but maybe we can figure something out.” he included a dick pic, that’s it, above.

i pointed out my advanced age. guys often just dont notice it in my ads. also, i noted that walking in this town is a big problem; its very spread out.

“I understand ur older than me. im not mobile but im like right around the corner from you so not far. last time i was tested was in August. i want to see how that ass looks & fuck you. hopefully make this ongoing. looking for one ass to fuck regular.”

oh i like that! i sent him my text #. he immediately wanted to come over. uh no. too late. i told him we could hook up Thurs eve. we agreed on 6pm. i said good night & turned off the light.

on Thurs afternoon i sent my address.

“I want u to empty your balls in me at least once,” i texted.

“I prolly try and nut twice if the ass is nice and tight,” he wrote.

it is nice. i work hard at staying in excellent physical shape. tight? i dunno. its tight enuf for most black men but im old & have been fucked over 1,000 times. im sure there are tighter asses out there…. the downside to a big-dick black man fucking a very tight ass is that the guy who owns that ass might be screaming in agony.

the time to meet was approaching. i prepped the bedroom then just waited. that’s when i noticed i smelled a little like chlorine. earlier, i had done 50 laps in a 25-meter pool then had a soak in a hot spa. i ran upstairs & spritzed myself with Homme cologne.

soon, he was at the door. we went up to my bedroom & stripped but i left my black briefs on. his cock was hard as he pulled off his underwear. i knelt in front of him & took his big dick in my mouth! i bobbed up & down on it, spreading saliva along its length as i sucked.

he put his hands on my shoulders & rocked w/ each wet slurp. then i turned my head under to munch his balls. they were rather small but i attended to them the way a white pussy like me should. then i returned to his rigid cock. after several minutes of blowjob i pulled off my briefs & laid on the bed on my stomach.

“You said u wanted to know if i have a nice ass. what do u think?”

he got between my legs & began kneading it. evidently he liked what he felt. he put the head of that BBC at my hole & started to push it in. i told him to hold up for a sec, applied lube to my ass & to his cock, then laid back down. i wiped lube from my fingers then took a hit from the popper bottle.

DeebMan slid all his cock deep into my butt! i surrounded the pillow w/ my arms & planted my face in it. he began fucking me! he gave me several steady strokes then pulled almost all the way out, stopped, shoved it in very hard, stopped, back to steady fucking, stopped again, another very hard slam, etc..

he pulled out & stood at the foot of the bed. he told me to back up to him, then he plunged back into me. in this position, it was actually hurting w/ most strokes. i took another popper hit to distract myself. he held onto my hips then sometimes put an arm under me & pulled me backward onto him.

i got pounded for several minutes, then he slowed way down, gave me a few very shallow slow strokes then pulled out! his wet cumload was inside of me! i handed him a damp wash cloth & he wiped his dick. i turned around, laid on my tummy & wagged a finger signalling him to step to me.

his dick was still half hard. i took it in my mouth for a gentle, wet suck. i hoped to get him ready for a 2nd fucking but he’d had enuf. finally he pulled away.


“are u usually available at this time?” i told him most any afternoon or evening till 11, just give me some advance notice so i can arrange to be available. when we were dressed, i asked him to be sure he had his wallet, phone & keys. he did. then down to the front door.

“get horny again soon,” i said as he walked out to the street.

he shot a lot of cum into me. i wiped my ass many times over the next several hours. i tried 4 times to get a good pic of a cummy piece of toilet paper. what u see above is the best pic.

im looking forward to taking his big black cock many more times.

oh, 1 last thing. i tested HIV-negative on Wed., Sept 21.

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