You might recall the last time i hooked up w/ Expo Man, i charged him $10 to pay for the gas on my previous visit, where he was a no-show. when u make me waste my time & gas, i charge u for it, if u want to see me again. u will also remember i found $3 on the floor, below the passenger seat.

i mentioned in my last story abt him & me that i would return the $3 next time i saw him. On Friday, May 20th, i sent him a text that said: “U left $3 on the floor of my van, will return that to u next time we meet.”

his reply: “Shit, I need that shit right now at work, no money for lunch, i knew i dropped it in your van. im a need my 3 bucks tonite!!!”

i said: “Next time i see u, I will bring em.”

his reply: “i need my money tonite. Shit, im at work hungry, that $3 can be my lunch.”

Remember now, this text conversation is taking place about A WEEK after he left the $3 in my van….

i said: “I’m not spending $$ to bring u $3. Borrow the $3 till i see u again.”

his reply: “Never mind, keep it, you wont see me no more!!!”

what the fuck? i have little tolerance for stupid shit. am i supposed to believe that he doesnt have anyone he can borrow three bux from? what’s he done for lunch at work in the last week? i said: “Fine, bye.”

his reply: “i will expose you, believe that, punk.”

oh really? seriously, try to get a grip on reality. i wrote:

“Dude, I did the right thing by notifying you. i will do the right thing by bringing u the $3 next time i see u. If u are going to threaten me, & if u still want it back, i will mail it. Gimme your (full) name & mailing address, i will send it tomorrow.”

no answer. Expo Man needs to book a psychiatric appointment.

it’s been really slow around here lately. i heard from a couple new guys but so far we haven’t hooked up. im ready when they are…