A picture I found on the Internet. Her tits and mine are about the same size. Mine are continuing to grow. I’ll need to wear a bra soon.

Craigslist took down all of its personal ads for reasons of liability as a result of recent federal laws. Sex trafficking is supposed to be what the bill was about, but with a Republican congress, what it’s probably about is punishing those who enjoy sex too much, or help people contact others for sex. It’s now the 21st century. Today’s Republicans are still in the 19th. Probably around year 1885.

What will the sluts do for an active sex life now that CL has gone away? Good question.

I wasn’t in a mood to do anything for months. But every day, I took 1,000 milligrams of saw palmetto daily to reduce male hormone levels, and 1,500 milligrans of pueraria mirafica, an herb which mimics the female hormone estrogen. And I continue to shave my body weekly and my chest daily. I now have breasts! Supposedly, I can look forward to more shapely hips and a cute feminine ass, but I don’t think that’s happening yet.

And last night, for the first time in half a year, somebody stuck his cock in my mouth and played with my new titties.

Once I decided to get back into action, I texted both “JoeMan” and “XavMan.” Last night, JoeMan came over about 10pm. He unzipped as I got on my knees. All I had on were bikini briefs. “I’m out of practice,” I told him. “I may be really lousy at this.” I went down on him!

He groaned. “Baby, you’ve still got it.” I guess it takes longer than around six months to lose skills acquired over more than 12,000 sexual encounters. He face fucked me, then put a hand on my right breast. Now, I’m an old man but my boobs are growing and still hurt, much like those on a 15-year-old girl. And they are shapely and firm!

This is the exact product I’m using to grow my breasts. Available at Amazon for about $14.

He rubbed my boob and gently squeezed it, then did the same with the left. My saliva was pouring onto the carpet. I took a popper hit. Then he patted the bed and told me to get up on it. He wanted more than a blowjob!

I lubed my ass and got on my hands and knees. In a text, he had told me he would use a condom since I hadn’t seen him so long. I’d told him I’m definitely still negative, for everything. He penetrated me and fucked me hard, then had me lay on my tummy. He pounded away and finally shot his load! He pulled out and I turned around. No condom. Cool!

He headed to the bathroom. I wiped my butt with a damp washcloth and blew out the candles. He got dressed, said he’d be back one day soon, I opened the door and hid out of sight behind it since I was still nearly naked…and he was gone.

JoeMan said he would visit today, Saturday. I hope he does. It’s after 5:30pm.