Believe it or not, i suddenly got religion. i started going to church abt 10:15pm on Thurs., Nov 12th. earlier, i got a text from a black guy who works at a storefront church near Manchester & Normandie. “how serious are u about coming here tonite?” he said in one text. a few messages went back & forth then he provided the address. i mapped it, got my stuff together & hit the road in my car. not the van, because he was hosting in the church. honestly. seriously. how cool is that?

i rolled up. it appeared to be locked up for the nite. i texted him, the door opened & i slipped inside. it was nearly black. he led me past the pews to an office area in the back. i set my kit bag in the office & sat on a small pew near a desk. he stepped up to me. he’s early 40s, close-cropped hair, about six ft & height-weight proportional. i put my hand on the front of his jeans. he unbuckled his pants & suddenly i had a very large BBC in my hand. it was long, thick & heavy. we locked eyes. “your dick pic doesnt do this justice. this is much bigger than it appears in the pic.” i would guess about 9 inches.

i bent over & took it in my mouth. a moment later i was kneeling on the carpet. it has a downward curve. it went right down my throat. my lips were pressed into his abdomen. i sucked & licked his balls then returned to his cock to suck some more. we both stripped naked. he was tested neg 2 months ago so bareback was ok. I smeared lube on his giant dick & my butt hole. he turned me around and pushed me against the pew. he quickly found my ass hole & buried it. wowie. felt wonderful! he fucked me like that for a few minutes then tapped me on the arm & lifted me up.

he marched me, with his cock still in my ass, into the church area, had me face another pew, bent me over & resumed the in & out. sometimes he would bury it all the way then lift me up, almost off my feet for a second, with his hard rod. then he guided me to a new position, laying on the pew on my stomach. he put one knee against the backrest, the other foot on the floor, & fucked me some more. then he laid on top of me, fucked, fucked, fucked, heavy breathing, a quiet groan, then he shot his hot wet load into me! i could feel his cock spasm for half a minute as he pumped his cum. he laid still for a moment then began extracting that thing. i felt it slap heavily against my thigh, then he led me back to the office by the light of his cell phone.

i got dressed as he cleaned up in a nearby bathroom. what very few words were spoken were very soft. soon he led me to the front door, checked to see who was parked or walking nearby. maybe he was concerned about snoopy parishioners. he patted me on the back & i walked out to my car. as i sit here at home, his load is dripping into my underwear. i expect to be going to church regularly now. :=) i will enjoy being his pussy on a regular, ongoing basis.

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