This is a true story.

last Thurs was our second meeting, the first time was late at nite 2 weeks ago. i had sucked his 9″ cock in my car then he had bent me over the truck & fucked me, that took place in a filthy alley…..

tonite he wanted me to show up before 8pm at his apt. his wife & kids were out. i rushed to his home & arrived at 7:35, he led me inside, stripped and presented me w/ his already hard very long, very thick blk cock.

i started sucking, got it all wet, used my hands some, then took it into my throat! he put his hand on my head to hold me in place as he fucked my face. with each stroke, his cock slid down my throat. then he pulled out & began jacking it as i sucked his balls. when he was ready to cum, he told me to put my mouth back on it and his cum shot into my mouth!

i knew he needed to fuck me too, so i handed him a Magnum condom, undid my shorts and pushed them & my black underwear to my knees. i smeared some lube on my hole. he told me to bend over the dining room table, then slammed his very large, hard cock into me!

he screwed me hard for 10 min then finally came! he pulled out. “are we done?” i asked. he said we were. i wiped my ass with a paper towel i brought w/ me & pulled up my pants & underwear. i pointed out the greasy handprints on the glass table, which could be hard to explain to his wife. he said he would clean them up. “see u soon,” i said as i exited. i was back in my car at 7:50, then headed home

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