He’s a very tall black man w/ 9 inches, he said. “I fuck good,” he added in his email. the pic was interesting, the head & a few inches of thick cock peeking out from some fabric. hes in his late 20s. how about i call him “TatMan”? he told me he’s at a buddy’s house several miles north of me. he wondered if i could pick him up.

safe only for anal, he insisted. i told him to bring a condom.

i really don’t like doing 2 round trips of abt 15 miles each way. instead, i offered to bring my van. i sent a pic of the interior. we could suck n fuck in it. but suddenly he told me he had access to a car & would depart in a half hour. i gave him my address. it’s nice, being able to host.

& so, on Wed., July 6th, at 10pm, he arrived. whoa! the man made me feel 5 feet tall (im 6 ft). he’s slender. i offered him a bottled water or Coke, but it turned out he had his own drink. he asked to shower so i led him to the downstairs bathroom; it’s got a shower. he got undressed…down to his boxer briefs. he got into the shower wearing them. what, is he shy? or maybe he was going to do the sudden surprise thing.

a couple minutes later, he emerged from the shower, w/ the towel draped around his waist. i wiggled my finger & led him to the bedroom upstairs. i lit 3 candles. i stripped as he stood at the side of the bed. then i got on my knees before him. i picked up the bottom edge of the towel, put my hand behind his cock, then moved it forward a bit. i put my mouth on it, sideways, & blew warm air over it. twice. yeah, it felt big.

i parted the towel & took it in my mouth for a moment. then i got up & invited him to lay down on the bed. i got the popper bottle from the headboard & settled between his long legs. i went down on him. soon, i had him fully hard. he was telling the truth, 9″ it was. i sucked & slurped, then did the same for his big balls, then back to his cock….

was this guy even enjoying himself? within seconds of meeting him, i wondered if he really wanted to be here. he seemed aloof, disinterested, remote. he offered no reaction to my blowjob. nothing. did i offend him in some way? is he turned off by guys like me? or is he very inexperienced w/ other men? i really wondered if he’d rather be somewhere else.

i didnt say anything. my mouth was full of hard dick. i worked on it for several more minutes. he just stared at the ceiling. motionless. i thought i could deep throat it. it’s thick but probably not too thick. with any luck, it wouldn’t crash into my back teeth on its way down my throat. but it’s got a slight upward curve. trying deep throat from between his legs would be doomed to fail.

w/ one last long lick, i pulled away & turned around. i explained why i was doing this, that the curve of his cock would approximately match the curve info my throat. i also figured he might want to rub my ass, since he said he planned to fuck it. i went down on him again, up & down several times…then i slammed my head all the way down on it. alllll the way. lips were on his abdomen. he jerked! his entire body shook!

finally a reaction! a 6″ dick will reach the back of my mouth & maybe the head will pop slightly into my throat. 9″ is a whole other thing. w/ him, the head met resistance at my throat. it’s a big head. but the force i applied quickly pushed the head in…along w/ a few inches of shaft! i wondered how often this big guy got throated. i moved my head up & down, forcing his cock to move up & down inside my throat! but i soon ran out of air & pulled away.

deep throat means u cant breathe. soon as it left my mouth, i gasped & soon as i could, i slammed back down on it. i gave him deep throat 3 times, then i asked him to fuck me. he got up & went downstairs. i followed, wondering what he was doing. he’d forgotten to bring the condom up, it was still in his pants. back upstairs, i sucked him a little more to get him fully hard again. he pushed me away & rolled on the condom.

i squeezed out some lube…lots of it…& smeared it on & in my butt. then i got on my hands & knees. i felt that monster between my cheeks, then he began shoving it in. it took a few seconds to get it all inside of me. then his hands went to my hips for leverage & he began fucking me! w/ every deep thrust, the head of that BBC slammed into my rectum. i’ve mentioned it before & will again now, it’s 9″ of cock into a place w/ 8″ of space. it can hurt.

for u novice whiteboys wanting to take your 1st dick…make it someone w/ a smaller dick. most guys don’t want u screaming in agony & attracting attention.

i buried my head in the pillow & took a couple popper hits. yeah, he does fuck good. i just rocked back & forth w/ him as he worked toward his nut. i reached under to massage his balls; i felt the shaft disappear into me! a few minutes later, he started fucking faster & harder

then, silently, he came! i got several more strokes then he pulled away. i pointed to the bathroom & said he could clean up & flush the condom. i wiped the lube from my butt. he exited the room, saying nothing & not even looking in my direction. i grabbed my clothes & followed him down. if i dont know u, u aren’t going to be wandering around my place unsupervised.

we got dressed. then TatMan walked to the door & was gone.

that guy was cold, man. i have no idea why.