“JoeMan,” the guy who brought his buddy over yesterday for an oral threesome, expressed interest in coming over again today, Monday, Oct 10th, 2016. he loves putting his big black cock in my mouth & i love that he loves it!

at 12:41pm, i texted: “So are u coming over today?”

“I wanted to come over with a friend who wanted to fuck a tight bottom but he hasn’t responded to any of my emails.”

“Well, if u want me to blow u, get over here now. I leave at 2:30.” i had a date with 25 meters of chlorinated water. u have heard of a lap dance? lap swimming is sort of like that. or not. he said he was leaving for my place.

earlier, when i made my bed, i put the comforter on top, a towel, damp washcloth, hand towel, lube, poppers & bottled water. i was ready. all he had to do was show up.

he arrived at 1:10pm. we went right up to my dark bedroom & stripped, me down to my briefs. he mentioned his top buddy has a wife that keeps him on a short leash. i got between his legs & gobbled up his soft dick! i worked it for a couple minutes but he pushed me down to suck his balls. i did, but stopped to take a deep popper hit, then back to sucking nuts…

poppers make my head swim & set fire to my sexual imagination. i love sucking a man’s balls. a real man needs his dick & balls expertly sucked. i am a talented cocksucker & not a real man. they think of me as a pussy to be used & thats ok. being used turns me on a lot.

so when a real man presents me with his dick, i make sure to lick & suck & slobber & slurp. i took his big balls in my mouth gently, swirled my tongue around em, licked em, munched them with my lips only & sometimes gently pulled on them, using only my mouth. i could see his cock getting hard!

JoeMan was moaning. he sat up to watch for a moment, then fell back flat. i abandoned the balls, put my mouth on his dick & ran it up & down its length. it was laying on his thigh, not sticking up in the air. he put his hands on it then slipped it in my mouth!

i went down all the way, the head & a couple inches went into my throat! then i pulled away, letting my teeth lightly scrape his wet shaft. then more sucking, deep throat, licking, pussy-mouth stuff, then down to his balls again. he was groaning throughout…

the pic above is of me w/ another man, i just used it to illustrate.

soon, he arched his back & began to shake! his hands reached toward me but stopped short. his arms were suspended in mid-reach as he convulsed! his load filled my mouth & i swallowed! then he collapsed & relaxed….

his spent dick was still in my mouth. i took a couple more popper hits, kept gently sucking & massaging it w/ my mouth till it began to respond, then i moved down to his balls for a long time, sucking & slurping. then back up to his hard dick for another blowjob! finally he came a 2nd time!

the clock said 2:20pm. it was time to stop, so i pulled away. he held up 2 fingers to say he’d cum twice. we got dressed & he left.

i chugged a protein shake (the other kind, from a glass) then took off for the gym pool. i said hello to the ladies behind the check-in counter with dick on my breath. while i was getting changed in the locker room, i looked around. i wondered if any of those guys needed a blowjob. 40 laps. yay team!


JoeMan came over again on Tuesday, Oct 11th & i sucked him off. 3 times! he’s been telling his married black buddies about me & they want to come visit, with or without JoeMan being present. we talked about the protocol. w/ any luck 1 or 2 of them will be in touch very shortly! yummy!