This is a really nice text exchange between “JoeMan” & myself today, Thursday, Dec. 22nd, 2016. i thought u might like to see it.  :=)

To bring u up to date, for the last couple weeks i have been experiencing intense back pain. on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst possible, i hit 10 several times a day….

anyhow, here we go:

“You may not believe this, but when it comes to being serviced by another guy…I ONLY SEE YOU. I trust you and feel comfortable in your home.”

“I try to arrange things to make people relax.”

“And I really do thank you for letting me get my needs met by you. You give me the best oral I have ever had…and I don’t need to look for anyone else.”

“That’s quite a great endorsement.”

“When your back is better, we’re going to have our first fuck, to show you my appreciation for all the many times you have made me cum hard.”

“Oooo! That will be great.”

“Thank you and merry Christmas. Hope you feel better soon.”