At 7:36 in the morning, on Sunday, Oct 23, 2016, the text arrived from “JoeMan.” i had sucked him off twice the day before. it read:

“Good morning..when is the earliest we can stop by today?”

i slept in. woke up around 10 & saw the text. i was still groggy. i headed to the kitchen to nuke some hot brown stuff. i replied: “I just woke up. Let me get some coffee.”

Sunday is football. lots of games. i had programmed my video recorder to grab them all, with an extra hour tacked onto the end of each just in case of overtime. i pointed the remote toward the TV & pressed some buttons. nothing happening on CNN. i scrolled down the list of stuff i’d recorded. at 3am Pacific Time, the Rams/Giants game began recording. the odd time is because they were playing in London.

around 11, JoeMan asked how the coffee was.

“I’m a little less groggy. so when did your friend last test HIV negative?”

“He said he tested negative in May.”

“what does he want to do with me?”

“We both want oral and if he wants to fuck, I have a condom.”

this is the guy he mentioned last night that he wanted to bring along. new to me. “OK let him know he can go bareback if he wants. I last tested neg on Sept 21.”

we agreed they would arrive at 12:30pm.

“He has a big cock, at least 8 inches.”

“Love it. Also, do you think he’d prefer me in panties or a jock strap, or nothing?” if he’s new to this, panties could alleviate his nervousness. less so w/ a jock strap, but either will hide my dick.

“I think a jock strap…but he may want panties. after all, he is straight.”

“I’ll put on panties.”

i was about to get a bowl of granola then opted for 2 breakfast bars. if he stuffs a big dick down my throat, there’s less risk of upchucking if there’s less in my stomach.

upstairs, i made the bed, tossed a comforter on it & put a towel on top of that. on 1 corner was a hand towel, a damp wash cloth & the poppers. i grabbed 3 bottled waters from the fridge. my camera was on the headboard in case we wanted to snap a few pix. didnt happen. the pic above is of me in action from a few years ago…

i pulled on a pair of blue lace panties, then a T-shirt & cargo shorts. i went back to the Rams/Giants game until the clock wound around & at 12:30 i got a text saying they’re outside. JoeMan was 1st thru the door & introduced his buddy, who i’ll call “JoeFriendNi.” we went straight upstairs & shed our clothes in my darkened bedroom.

up onto the bed i hopped, then laid on my stomach w/ my head at the bed edge. JoeFriendNi stepped up, still wearing his snug red briefs. he’s around 30, about 5’10”, 160 lbs., dark chocolate skintone. a really hot body!

so im laying there. the bulge in his red undies is pronounced. i put my mouth on it & blow warm air thru the fabric. i chose another spot & blew warm air again. then i hooked fingers in the waistband & peeled them down. his cock was half exposed. i put my mouth on it & licked! then i pulled them farther down…& there it was, all of his big black dick!

i lifted it & put it in my mouth! it grew! the head was concealed under foreskin & it was tight, meaning the head would not easily slip out from the sheath. it reminded me of a sausage wrapped up snugly in plastic wrap.

to be honest, i prefer cut to uncut. a male’s dick sensitivity is reduced substantially if the head area can’t be touched directly. That means a blowjob will be less effective & fucking could well be protracted.

then his dick softened. my 1st thought: he’s new at this. he’s nervous. i turned my head under to lick his balls for a moment. JoeMan was standing nearby. i reached for his cock. hes uncut too but the sheath is not clamped down hard like his friend’s is. i sucked & slurped. he got hard quickly. i focused on him while his buddy stroked, trying to get his hard-on back….

JoeMan asked his friend to lay down on the bed. i sucked that sheath-clad dick & when i moved down to his balls, JoeMan slurped him up. we traded back & forth for a long time. he could get half hard easily enuf but fully hard wasnt coming easily, no matter who was blowing him. when he got hard finally, i deep throated him several times. his dick was long but only medium thick, it went into my throat easily.

all 3 of us passed the popper bottle around.

“do u get deep throat often?” i asked. “Noooooo” he answered. “Well, u can get it any time u want from me!”

i wanted to get fucked! i lubed up as the new guy put on a Magnum condom. he positioned me at the edge of the bed; he was standing. he pushed it into me but lost his erection again. he pulled off the condom & jerked his dick for a long time. JoeMan was lying on the bed, just watching me. i wiggled my finger then moved up & presented me w/ his cock. i resumed blowing him. he was positioned so that he could watch his buddy stroke….

when he got hard he put the head to my ass & shoved it in, bareback this time. he definitely needed the increased stimulation. he grabbed my hips for leverage & pounded it into me. i could feel it soften a few times. JoeMan was watching his dick slide in & out of my butt as i sucked him. the fucking must have lasted a half hour. at one point he cried out, as tho he had cum in me, but i found out later he didnt cum.

finally he extracted himself & laid on the bed, sideways. JoeMan & i took turns blowing him but neither could get him off. “he takes a long time,” JM said. i thought (but did not say), “yeah, i know why, too. he should visit a doctor & get circumcised.” but all i did say was: “yeah….”

JoeFriendNi began jerking his dick. at no time did the head fully emerge from the sheath. he beat his meat for probably 20 minutes as i sucked & slurped his balls. finally, he erupted on his belly! moments later, we were getting dressed. i escorted them down the stairs, we said our goodbyes, i invited JFNi back (maybe next time will be better) & they departed at 1:55pm.

JM never did cum. as i wrote in a prior post about a 3-way with JM, they usually leave someone unsatisfied. i restarted the Rams/Giants game. lots of football today! could u believe those field goal goofs near the end of the Cardinals/Seahawks game? JoeMan later sent a text thanking me for hosting them both. he added that JFNi wants to see me again. i asked him to pass along my text #.