It’s been really quiet around here. big holidays are a big family thing & lots of guys i know were unavailable. so i got in alot of TV watching. tonite at 8pm, i got a text from 1 of my regulars in the 818. he wanted to see me. we agreed on 9pm. he likes me to wear panties so i pulled out a pink lace pair & pulled em up my smooth legs. with tote bag in hand, i walked to my cargovan, prepped it like i always do & headed into the Valley.

a short time later, i pulled up in front of his house. he got in & informed me that he had to get back very soon & suggested we park somewhere closer than the dark industrial area i normally go to. moments later we were parked under some trees that blocked the overhead street light. i set up the truck to look unoccupied & we got on the bed in back. i stripped down to the panties put pulled one leg out. i got between his legs & began working on his cock w/ my mouth. he got hard quickly.

i took a deep hit from my popper bottle & worked his big dick with my lips, tongue & teeth, then down to his balls (hes got great balls) for some sucking & slurping, then back to his cock. he began fucking upward into my mouth, then got up on his knees to fuck my face properly. saliva poured out – i just make alot of that when sucking dick. he pounded it in my mouth, then he wanted to fuck. i had smeared lube on my ass before i picked him up so i was ready to rock.

he immediately got behind me, pushed my rear lower, then jammed his BBC into my slippery hole! he fucked me deep & hard bareback & i fucked back at him, till i heard him breathing hard, groan softly, give me a few more strokes, then stopped. i could feel his shaft pulse with each cum injection! he pulled out & i handed him the moist wipes. we got dressed & i took him back home. then i drove to a spot near the 101 freeway & sent a text to this white guy i know…

“Hi Mr. Studly, i got sloppy 2nds for u. if u wanna fuck in another man’s cum tell me know or i just head on home.” i got on the freeway. he replied: “yeah.” he lives in Glassell Park, an LA neighborhood north of downtown. i took the 101 to the 134 to I-5 & went south. minutes later, i pulled up at the intersection where we meet. there is no place to park around there, way too many cars. i took a big gulp of water from a bottle; blowjobs make me thirsty. this fellow has fucked me twice before. i drove us down a hill then east then did a U-turn & parked in a deserted commercial area on a busy street.

again, i prepped the van to look unoccupied. he got undressed in the back. i pulled off my clothes again, took out the popper bottle & had a hit, then i handed it to him. he also took a deep sniff. he was half hard. i got him fully hard in under a minute. i slobbered & sucked again then asked if he wanted to fuck. he got up, i smeared lube on my hole & got on my hands & knees. soon as he got behind me..wham! he was all the way inside! then he fucked me! i asked if it felt good & he said “yeahhh!” this is the first time i had given him sloppies….. it wont be the last.

i ended up flat on my tummy as he screwed me bb, fast & hard. we both took turns w/ the popper bottle then he laid flat on top of me as he added his wet load to my ass! his head was on my left shoulder. it felt very sexy! then he pulled his wet dick from my butt & i handed him the wipes. after we cleaned up & got dressed, i drove him back up the hill & let him out. i told him i would continue to tell him when sloppy 2nds opportunities came up … i was home by 10:15.

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