Having a regular ongoing hookup has advantages. first, u learn u can trust the guy to show up & put out. second, u learn what your fuck bud likes & how to get him to cum. third, safety – somebody u see regularly isn’t a random fucktard that may get crazy on u. fourth, it cuts down on your exposure to disease – seeing 1 guy twice a week for a year is a lot less disease exposure than 104 different guys a year.

but lots of guys want somebody new all the time. to me, that’s just dumb & foolish. u will waste a huge amount of time looking for someone new all the time. at least half the people u plan to meet will be no-shows, liars, flakes or freaks..& maybe violent, drunk, assholes or just crazy.

me, i like having a regular ongoing hookup. that’s the only kind of hookup i want.

for example, there is a black stud down in Compton that i see regularly. when hes horny & has free time, he sends me a text. i get in my rolling bedroom (cargovan w/ mattress, pillows, towels, lube, condoms, poppers, moist wipes) & drive to a place where i pick him up. then we go to a place where my van wont be noticed, we get in the back & we have our fun! we have been doing this for almost 2 years.

after hes got his clothes off, he lays down on his back. i get between his muscular legs & take his bbc between my moist lips & gently lick & suck. its big fun for me when he moans, bucks his cock deep into my mouth & whips his head back & forth. i luv to suck his balls then return to his rigid dick! it has a slight upward curve. to deep throat him, i need to turn around so it will slide right into my throat, otherwise it will crash into the roof of my mouth …

i sniff from the popper bottle coz poppers make me an even better cocksucker! sometimes he will get up on his knees, put his hands on the back of my head & face fuck me until he blows his big load in my mouth or down my throat! after i suck him off, i work gently on that dick until hes hard again, then i smear lube all over his shaft & on my butt hole. that’s when i get on my hands & knees & bury my face in a pillow!

he gets behind me, puts the head at my ass then shoves it all the way inside! usually i groan out loud, then he grabs my hips for leverage & begins fucking me hard & deep. i will reach back between my legs to massage his balls as he fucks me! he slams into me furiously then explodes again. i can feel his big dick pulsing as he cums! then he pulls out; his wet cock falls down my thigh. then we clean up. i take him back & he hops out to go home! i get to feel his cum leak from my ass for hours after!

i like being his pussy. i never flake out on him, i always show up on time & i never reveal his name. do u need a pussy like me? im looking for regular only, no 1-time hookups, no fat guys. if u want me, email your stats & pix & tell me what u got planned for us tonite & in the weeks to come.

if u can host, i can see u afternoons or at nite. if u cant host, i drive the van to u. or we can do it outside, a garage, at your job, a rooftop or whatever. bareback ok if u got a recent neg test. im in shape coz i hit the gym alot, shaved smooth body, hiv-neg in June, 64 yrs old. these are my edited pix. if u need someone to fuck, without all the lies, bs & drama, hit me up now…