I haven’t been here because I’ve been too depressed. Mango Mussolini is our new president. Swept into power by low-information angry fools, he’s going to do nothing for ordinary folks but will make sure his family, and the families of other wealthy people, will benefit.

In case you haven’t figured this out yet, Republicans engage in “dog whistle politics.” They keep voters stirred up and angry. They wave the flag and Bible in order to win the votes of people they can manipulate. And when they go into office, they do things to help their benefactors (other wealthy people). What do they do for ordinary folks? They keep stirring the patriotism pot to convince them that things they do that adversely affect ordinary people are actually good for them.

They have to keep the low-info and angry voters motivated because GOP politicians can’t be elected to office without them. There simply aren’t enough wealthy folks to win elections.

What do I mean by “low-information” voters? They aren’t well educated. They tend to watch Fox News and listen to the likes of Rush Limbaugh. The non-partisan organization Politifact rates the truthfulness of statements by politicians and media outlets. They determined that Fox News tells the truth 18% of the time.

People with advanced educations can think critically. They know bullshit when they see it. That’s why few of them vote for Republicans.

I wrote this very long screed to publish here; what you’re reading is much shorter.

Trump voters will quickly regret voting for him. He’s gonna use the government to build his Trump brand. He will find ways to enrich himself and his wealthy buddies. And he will fuck over everybody else while telling them it’s for their own good. If you voted for him, you’re either ignorant, mindlessly angry, mindlessly religious, fearful, gullible or a goddamned fool. (If you don’t know what any of those words mean, Google them).

Look at America’s political history, going all the way back to the 19th century. The good things that have been done for the middle and lower economic classes have been done by the liberals. Always. That’s why they’re called “progressives.”

If you voted for Trump, you swept into office a bunch of characters who will do absolutely nothing for you and will quite likely make your life worse. You voted against your own interests. If you voted for Trump, you’re too stupid to live. I don’t want you here. Get the fuck off my blog. You suck.