…on Wednesday, Oct. 14. he had sent me a delicious pic of his big blak c*ck heavily hanging out of his jeans to entice me. we swapped a few emails. hes young, in shape, very horny, disease free & was looking for a regular ongoing hookup. just what i wanted to hear! i said yes & sent him my cell #.

it was late when we set up a meeting. i told him i could be at Rosecrans & Normandie at 11:15 or so to pick him up in my rolling bedroom. i arrived on time & sent him a text. a couple minutes later he was in the passenger seat & i drove us to a dark commercial area where we wouldn’t be noticed. i parked & we did some things to make the truck appear to be unoccupied. then we got in back!

we stripped naked. i had him move back so his head rested on a pillow then i got between his legs & took that big thing in my mouth! he got hard quickly, i could wrap 3 of my hands around that long thick shaft. he had a distinctive smell but it went away as i washed his c*ck in saliva & stroked him as i sucked..

i tried to deep throat him. the head stopped at my throat opening. i forced my head down a couple times & it finally popped in. i moved my head up & down to give him a throat fucking sensation. then back to more sucking. 2 more tries at deep throat were unsuccessful. im not sure why. his dick has a downward curve to it, it should have gone down easily. i need to experiment more with him.

he just laid there, enjoying my sucking. i took a few hits from my popper bottle. maybe 25 min after we started he said he wanted to fuck. i lubed my hole as he rolled on a Magnum condom. i got on my hands & knees. he put the head of his hard rod at my ass & then shoved it in. all. the. way! i groaned loudly…

i got pounded, hard. it was uncomfortable when he went in all the way coz its abt 10 inches of dick in abt 9 inches of rectum but i didn’t complain. i just took it the way a white dude should when a hung black man wants to fuck him. he was really enjoying himself. i reached back to fondle his balls as he slammed into me..

then he had me lay down flat. he straddled my hips & fucked me, laid down on top & fucked me, straddled again, then quit to look out the front windows. what, did a cop show up? something had got his attention, but he returned to continue fucking me..for a long, long time. i fucked back at him as best i could. i had taken more snorts of poppers. he gave me several deep & quick thrusts, came, stopped then pulled out!

i handed him a package of moist wipes to clean up with. i wiped my butt w/ a paper towel, and we got back into our clothes, then i drove us back to the pick up point. i told him i hoped id see him again soon, he got out then i got back on the 110 Fwy for home. i wish he had barebacked me, he last tested hiv- 2 months ago, but maybe he will eventually. i like the feeling of a black mans cum dripping out!

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