Last nite, Fri, April 1 (no joke), i got a text from a regular who lives near Expo & Crenshaw. he wrote: “Can i seed your hole tonite? all i wanna do is get picked up, park where we were the other nite, you strip & lay on your side, i slide it in deep while u milk my balls ruff until i moan out im cummin & start to pump…then i pull out.”

i wasnt doing anything at the time that message arrived at 9:47pm. i told him i could leave in 10 minutes. i gave a heads up to my Sloppy 2nds White Boy but he didnt answer. i grabbed my tote bag (filled w/ all the necessary supplies), left my house & walked to the van, set things up for our fun then got on the freeway south, then west on I-10. i got off at Arlington, went south then west, then parked to lube my ass, then continued to our usual meeting spot. i texted him on arrival. a moment later, he got in.

while i drove several blocks to a dark industrial alley, he got in back & stripped. i parked, did a couple things to make the truck appear to be unoccupied, then pulled off my T-shirt & started to pull off my shorts. i was just behind the front seats, facing the front, when i felt him tug on my black briefs. off came my shorts. he slid the briefs down my thighs. “u wanna fuck me now?” i asked, getting down on my hands & knees. but he turned me around. i guess not, i thought.

he wanted me to lay on my side, he had said in his texts, so i did. he knelt at my ass, grabbed his dark chocolate cock & shoved it into my slippery, smooth hole bareback! he began fucking me slowly & powerfully until he exploded deep in my butt! then he pulled out. we chilled for a couple minutes then got dressed. i dropped him off a few blocks away then got back on the freeway heading home.

his hot wet load was oozing from my ass by the time i parked. i tidied up the van then walked back to my place. i got a text from him saying he wanted me to write up the story of this nite & put it on CL. i said i would but CL auto-deletes about half my stories, so i couldnt guarantee anything would appear on that site. then he wrote, “Would you be interested in another top joining us? he can host.” he added that this other guy is also chocolate. i asked about his hiv status, he said definitely clean.

“nice thick dick, heavy shooter,” he said. “i would like to double dick, you will like it.” i told him im down for it. “let me set it up, i will text back when we are ready. you get the chance to dress up too, cant wait.” that would be fine, i replied. i also said maybe we could snap some pix w/ my camera, without showing any faces other than mine. he said that would be cool.

sweet! 2 guys at one time, prob i would get 2 raw loads from each, lots more goo in my ass! his idea had me aroused all nite. i showered but his big load kept dribbling from my ass for hours after. it was still oozing out when i awoke on Sat. im looking forward to being their pussy whenever they want. i hope he can set it up.

do u need a pussy like me in your contacts? u must be a chocolate brotha, well hung, ddf, hwp, medium to tall & over 30yrs. this is for regular only, no 1-time hookups & no fat dudes at all. start by emailing your stats, send a couple pix & tell me what u got planned for us. if u got a recent neg test, u can breed me, too. if u cant host, i can drive my van to u after 8 at nite…

happy birthday to me, just turned 65yrs, am tall, athletic gym goer, shaved smooth body, std/hiv neg on Jan 11th, sane, dependable, down low. u can read about my real life sex adventures on my free blog at: BBCinMe wwwDOTwww eeeCOMeee. these are my real pix, edited to keep everybody out of trouble. if u want to shove your big dick down my throat & into my slippery ass, just hit me up the way i asked. if we decide to meet, u get my cell #. all u got to do is do it.