Last nite, Sat, Feb 20th, i got an email from a married black guy who said he wanted to take me to bed. i liked the 3 pics he sent, so we emailed back & forth a couple times. then he told me he had seen me before.

i did an email search & he was right. it was back in late Oct & early Nov. of last year. back then, he told me he wanted my mouth & ass a couple times a week. we met once at the downtown place he worked at 1 nite. he got in my van & i sucked him off. after he came in my mouth, he pulled up his pants, said bye & departed.

i texted him a couple times after that, trying to set up another meeting, but he said can’t see u tonite…. finally after a couple of turn-downs, he texted that he doesnt do this often, reminded me that hes married & when he wants to see me again he will tell me.

well fuck that. “he doesnt do this often”? he told me he did want it often. i just forgot about him, until last nite, when he hit me up. i told him, “i dont meet anyone less than 2x a month. clearly, thats not what u want. a few times a year isnt a sex life. u need to get someone else.” i got no use for a guy who cant find an hour a month to suck & fuck. anybody can find that much time. even Bill Clinton, prez at the time, found enuf time to stuff it into his intern’s mouth regularly.

turns out, he also knew a way to moisten his cigars without licking them….

anyhow, the guy in my story answered: “Your right, I don’t get enough, and things were complicated with me being married, I do on the other hand, want to meet up maybe once or twice a week, you did seem fun.”

almost every guy who disappears on me comes back later on, just as this man did. the problem is, never do they live up to their promise to start meeting regularly. i swear, these guys who go away then come back arent worth the fucking trouble.

i told him, “im sure u will be better off w/ a different cocksucker who doesnt care how seldom u call him. that aint me. i need alot of sex but u aint got the time to participate. w/ any luck, u will find someone who can host, who is disease free, knows how to suck a cock & doesnt flake out on u.” i’d bet real money that he doesnt find that guy.

dude, why did u let me go? did u think i would wait for months to hear from u again? thats your mistake. all u had to do was what u said u would do.

im no longer his pussy but i could be yours if u want to see me at least twice a month, u are black, BBC, hwp, ddf, over 30 & med to tall. im an xlnt cocksucker & want u to fuck me bareback & breed me..if u got a recent neg test (my last test was in Jan.), otherwise i got Magnums. im 64yrs, tall, athletic gym goer, shaved smooth body, totally down low & dependable. these are my pics, altered to keep everybody out of trouble.

email your stats, a couple pics & tell me what u got planned for us. if i decide to meet, u will get my text #. when u want me, all u got to do is send a message. if u cant host, i can drive to u after 8 at nite in my rolling bedroom. as the guy in this story found out, i will definitely do my part if u do yours. hit me up now.