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i got no idea if the lady clerks in these places know whats going on. im really not used to someone else shopping for me while im present. at least he doesnt hold the items up to me to check sizes. after hes made his choices, we go up to the register to pay. its me who pays. i hand over the plastic & try to not seem like someone who is fascinated by, or turned on by, girl things. im not a dresser. i have no fetish like that. but these are things he wants me to wear.

when we get back to my house, we go in the bedroom & get undressed. he lays out the items he bought this day & either puts them on me or tells me to do it. in the 1st pic, he’s adjusting a garter belt. once hes got me dressed the way he wants, he lays down on the bed, grabs his tablet & finds videos of girls bouncing their asses. then he spreads his legs apart. thats when i take a deep sniff of poppers, get between those legs & take that BBC between my lips.


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