This is Saturday nite, May 7th. there is a black man located in North Hollywood who hit me up tonite. he gave me his location & sent along a really nice dick pic. but i recognized his email address. i knew we had talked before but i couldn’t remember if we had met up. so i searched my email accounts for his name. we go back a long way.

i also checked my texts. he & i had been talking about him sticking his BBC in me since Jan., 2014. For those of u who cant count, that’s 2 years & 4 months. we hadn’t met. Yet. why? i emailed to say he seems erratic to me. a burst of texts or emails followed by months of silence, then repeat.

“Not erratic. Just nervous and scared,” he said. i asked if i scare him & if so, why? “Not at all. New to this. Curious.” i asked if he thinks he might turn gay if he sticks his cock in my mouth or fucks me. “Perhaps, or think that it makes me gay, then.”

“guys like me have been used by straight men since pre-history.” i wrote. “we have certain skills u can enjoy to cum over & over again. your attraction to women wont change. what will change is your need to jerk off whenever she says no. instead, just call me, or someone like me.” that seemed to do it, he wanted me to come over & to wear panties. we agreed on 8pm & provided his address. he also mentioned he wanted me to massage him.

i showed up a few minutes early. he was at the door, waiting. he offered me a soda, i declined. we went into his bedroom. i stripped down to my red lace panties. he was on the other side of his bed, facing away from me. he flipped onto the bed in a way that prevented me from seeing his cock. he hugged a pillow & pointed to the coconut massage oil on a table.

i poured a little on his back & began a massage, for what it’s worth. i really know nothing about this but have given some back rubs without anyone complaining. i worked his back, ass & legs. he said his thighs were particularly sore so i spent time on them. then i tapped his back & asked him to turn over.

that’s when i heard him say, “I don’t know if i can do this.” i asked if he wanted to give me 5 minutes to find out. he shook his head. he jumped out of bed, grabbed his underwear – while facing away – & put it on. i just began putting my things back in the tote bag then got dressed. i did not wash my hands. soon as he got his shoes on, he showed me the door.

when i got back in my car, i put a note next to his name in my phone: “Just Not Into It.” that way, next time he hits me up, i will be reminded that he’s Just Not Into It. will there be a next time? sure. he’s thinking about it. fantasy is like acid, it eventually burns through whatever’s blocking it. but next time i may well just tell him to fuck off.

shit happens…

i started the car, grabbed the wheel & drove home. now my car has the faint smell of coconut oil. i didnt get any dick but i do like coconut oil.