I run ads on CL several times a day. why? simple. i want men to desire me. i want their cocks to get hard when they read my ads. i want them to feverishly want to slip it between my wet lips, get expertly sucked, then i want them to want to fuck me till they explode deep inside. the sooner the better. im an old man, i wont be doing this for much longer.

it’s nice to be appreciated. a few days ago, 1 of my regulars – who has been out of town for a while – texted me. he said he misses fucking me. this is the man w/ the giant dick, 10 very thick cut inches. it is very hard to take that thing all the way in my butt & he said im the only guy who can do it. he misses stroking it deep inside. i miss him doing that too. (thats him & me in the pic above). I’m looking forward to seeing him soon.

many of the guys who read my ads have been w/ me before & i want some of those guys to come back & continue.

last nite, Mon, March 28, one of them did get back in touch. i had seen him many times, then he stood me up, twice. the second time was the last time i saw him & that was on Jan 14th. i waited at our meeting spot for around 15 min, then i told him by text i was leaving & if he wanted to see me again, he owes me $10 for the gas i wasted. he did not reply.

last nite he emailed a dick pic & wrote: “Hello baby im ready to bring you that 10 dollars i owe you and cum deep in your ass, text me.” i told him that the 1st thing i would do is collect the money. he wanted to see me that nite, at our usual spot. we agreed on 9:30. & he wanted me to wear black panties. no problemo.

at 8:55pm, i grabbed my tote bag, put on a jacket (61 deg out) & walked to the van. i set things up, sent him a text that im on my way & headed toward I-5, going south. then i got on the 110 south, then I-10 going west. the trip to south LA was uneventful. no freeway construction, no wrecks, just smooth sailing. i got off at Arlington, drove south about a mile, then west to our usual meeting spot, some discount store.

i parked several blocks away to lube my ass, then continued.

“im here!” i texted. a minute later, he got in. “wheres mah money?!” i said loudly, pimpishly. he extended his hand. i plucked the $10 bill & put it in my pocket. he got in the back & undressed while i navigated to a nearby industrial area & parked. i did some things to make the van appear to be unoccupied, got in back & undressed, down to my black lace panties.

i got between his legs & found his half-hard black cock – & i went down on it! within a minute, he was hard. thats when i quit sucking him. he cums quickly & i wanted his load in my butt. earlier in an email, he told me he wanted to fuck me as i lay on my side, so i got in position w/ him behind me. he pulled the panty fabric to the side & plunged his big dick in my hole, bareback! he gave me several strokes then shot his load!

he pulled out, cleaned his cock w/ the moist wipes then we got dressed. i dropped him off close to the pickup point then headed east toward Arlington. my phone chimed. i pulled over. it was an email from i guy i hadnt seen in 3 years. he also replied to 1 of my CL ads posted this day.

“Always loved filling your surprisingly hot ass with my warm cum. Glad to see you’re still around and DDF.” wowie. that was nice of him to say. even nicer was the great pic of his BBC he attached! i replied & asked if he needed to start fucking me again. he said that would be nice & we wrote back & forth abt where, when & how often.

then i got a text, from the guy who just fucked me. “i wanna seed you, cum back.” lucky for him i wasnt yet on the freeway. i told him ok & drove back. he got in then went in back to undress again. this time i parked on the street the discount store’s on. i noticed a quiet, dark area where we probably woundnt be noticed. again, i prepped the van, got in back & stripped down to my panties.

i sucked & slurped his dick for a moment till he was hard again, then laid down flat on my stomach. again, he pulled the panty fabric aside, inserted his cock, stroked a few times & came again! this time, he fucked in his own cum for lube. we cleaned up, put our clothes back on & i dropped him off near the I-10 freeway. then i went home.

on arrival, i found another text from him, it read: “My cock hard again.” i replied: “too late.” tidied up the van & walked home…

i finished writing this at quarter to 3 on Tues afternoon. im gonna go work out. after all, at my advanced age (& i got a birthday coming up), i do need to keep my “surprisingly hot ass” in shape.