(NOTE: In the following email exchange, I’m in plain text, he’s in bold).

lets meet for some fun

im not looking for a 1-time hookup. if u are, find someone else

I can fuck you 5 or more times a week or you can suck my dick 7 times a week starting today or you may get flagged

oh…threats of flagging if i dont blow u?

dude, i been dealing w/ flaggers for 15 years, its no big deal

go kill yourself

(then another email)

or maybe i should just say yeah u can fuck me 5 or 7 times a week, starting tonite

only i dont think u will hold up your end of the bargain

I like fuck faggots and gays like you are. I fuck sooo many faggots last 25 years and want you be on my faggots list or my gays list. By the way I got 11ch and 6 around fat dick with heavy load. My load in your mouth on your lips or in your ass. I can fuck you all day long until your ass bleeding. Can you handle my sneak in your wet and stingy gay ass. If so then let me know.

u hosting?


first name?

WHEN did u last test hiv-neg?

where are u located?


got a pic?

clean tested last week. only with condoms. no condom no meet. sorry. 48 y/o 6 tall, mixed wht black. Can I see your face pic?

oh u gonna pump all that cum into me but not really into me, but into a condom

im gonna pass, good luck

you can swallow if you want

i like to be breeded. nothing says a man owns me like having his cum leak from my hole for hours after he fucks me

ok I will fuck you with no condom. are you clean? But I will cum after fucking 45 min or more. I don’t cum quick . It takes me sometimes on hour until I shoot my heavy load. I can cum three  a day and each time I cum big. Can you handle my gallon milk.

im clean, did u not see my test results in last email?

how much u weigh?

where located?

first name?

i asked those questions before

Tony 197 #

where are u located…again.


well the time has come to stop this big fat fantasy of yours

u are lying. i have a vast amt of experience so i know when someone is giving me this super macho come on, it aint real…..

first, liars very commonly badly exaggerate things, such as dick size, how much they cum, how often they fuck + in your case u claim to have faggot lists. no, u dont. u prob got 6″, u dont cum/fuck any more than 2-3 times a week tops. & u got no lists of fags u fuck.

second, u asked for a face pic. its been my experience that guys who do that just want a pic to help out their fantasy, guys who ask for face pics never meet.

third, u never sent a pic of any kind. why? coz it will put the lie to your claims…unless u send someone elses pic. u didnt even bother w/ that

fourth, u claim safe sex only. if u really were who u say u are, u would know the importance of cumming in a bottoms ass. its how u claim ownership & u werent aware of it

i need u to go spring your big fat fake fantasy on someone else. ive been around long enuf to know bullshit when i see it

game over

you stingy gay motherfucker fuck you and go fuck yourself you fucking stingy ugly faggot. You stupid idiot stingy ass ugly ass cock sucker illegal mexican or stingy white trash you are messing with the wrong guy you fucking grandpapa. I am handsome, young nd rich and not a gay or cock sucker stingy faggot that’s why you so upset you motherfucker drug addict white and Mexican mixed trash. Why you are hiding your fucking face? you motherfucker because you are fucking ugly Mexican ass. that’s why. fuck you and fuck off you motherfucker fake member and cock suclker stingy ugly ass faggot. you fucking spam. you walking aids go back your fucking mexico you idiot bitch. no time for your games if you try to fuck with me just remember I will set you up some day and put you in jail and you will be soo surprised you stingy ugly face. hiding your white and mexicna faggot ugly face you stingy cock sucker gay .fuck you motherfucker hiv virus. you think I will fuck you without condom and you believe it you stupid gay. suck my dick you fucking drug addict old faggot with small dick you jelouse sting grandpa.

hey go for it

(then another email)

oh, & by the way, since u are making threats via email, u should be aware of this. its a violation of federal law:

INTERNET LAW – Threats Sent via E-mail Constitute a Federal Crime

Electronic communications, in particular e-mails, have become a valuable working and social tool in the XXI century. Unfortunately, given its immediate delivery and disguised anonymity, some conflicted souls are increasingly using e-mails to transmit hateful messages. Transmitting threatening messages via e-mail is a federal crime in the United States and carries a penalty of imprisonment of up to five years or a fine, or both. Following, there is information on the federal statute that criminalizes threatening e-mails and a recent case of a man accused of sending racially hateful e-mails.

fuck you motherfucker stingy gay cock sucker ugly faggot go suck more dick tonight you fake member cock sucker spam old grandfather hahahaha jealouse moterfucker cock sucker. Sooorry that I am a lot younger then you are you fucking ass hole hiv virus.

book an appointment w/ a psychiatrist, maybe she can help u regain your sanity.

fuck you stingy Mexican white trash grandpapa hahahahahaah grandfather go suck your faggot grandkids dick (if you have one) hahahahahaah stingy faggot fuck off ugly old gay

well, lets see. u are angry, incoherent & pretty fucking dumb. i bet u are gonna vote for Donald Trump.

Donald trump will  fuck your Mexican faggot ass and your bitch moms mouth hahahahahaha hahahahaha got mad  hahahahah suck trumps dick and lick his balls then your bitch mom will suck his dick fucking stingy Mexican hahahahaha I never got angry because I am rich and nothing to do but you are fucking homeless with no money and got small dick hahahahaha

yeah, i figured as much. & im white, not Mexican. see what i mean about being u being pretty fucking dumb? say hi to The Donald for me, u vicious moron. (let me know if any of those words are too tough for u, i’ll put it in simpler language so u can understand)….

you stupid idiot ass hole white fucking red neck fuck you and fuck your own people. Stingy white low class ass hole with no brain like your other whites you such a stupid and idiot with no life you fucking red neck fuck you fuck your whites fuck your red necks fuck your nationality ( if you have any nationality) hahahahahahahahah don’t be mad at me cus I am not fucking white and dats why I am sooooooooooo smart and rich and younger then you are you fucking grandfather cock sucker grandpapa moron ass hahahah fuck you and fuck your moron fuck your ass hole motherfucker whites. hahahahahahah ugly old faggot go suck your grandkids dick and pussy. You fucking white do you know whos your fucking parents. Do you know how they look like. Do you know where they live. Have you meet them since you born you fucking trash white. You mom was a drug addict white bitch sucking dicks all day long in a clubs restroom and your red neck dad was a ass hole drug addict and alcoholic cock sucker faggot gay and bi who fuck your bitch mom back of in his old chevy truck so how you was born. fuck your stingy and trashy whites you fucking moron bitch

(I’ve tortured that moron long enough. I didn’t respond to his last message. He’s getting repetitive).