It was Wed, April 6th. i had returned from the gym & now it was time to hunt up some black dick. i sent a text to my fuck bud in DTLA (downtown Los Angeles) at 4:29pm: “Wanna get naked tonite & stuff your fat cock in me?” his reply arrived at 7:37pm – he is out of town. shit.

nobody hit on me until 9:18pm. my phone chimed. “So whats up?” asked one of my other regulars in South LA. in recent stories, i’ve referred to him as Crenshaw/Expo Man, which is his general location.

“Coffee!” i replied. i was about 4 sips into it.

“Cream?” he asked. i chuckled. did he want to fuck me tonite? he said yes. when i finished the hot brown stuff, i put on a pair of black lace panties, picked up the supply-laden tote bag, keys & left the house. 2 blocks later, i was at the van. i prepared it for our fun then texted C/E Man at 9:45 to tell him I was leaving.

i popped a quick text to Sloppy Seconds White Boy. “I’m headed to S LA to get fucked. Tell me if u want me after. Will reply soon as he is done, thx.”

i put the truck in gear, got on I-5 south, then the 110 south, then the 10 freeway west, south on Arlington then west. i parked for a moment to pre-lube my ass, then drove to our usual meeting spot near a discount store. at 10:15pm i notified him by text that im here. a minute later, he showed up, said hello, then immediately got in back. i started driving. recently, we’ve been fucking in an alley behind industrial bldgs & thats where i headed.

when i got to the alley, instead of turning right, i turned left, which is a section of the alley i hadnt yet explored. “Lets see whats over here,” i said to the man in back. i hoped to find a place a bit darker. i rolled past a couple commercial bldgs then a big truck yard. oops. security guard at the gate. keep rolling, dude, i advised myself. the alley dumped onto a residential street but it looked like more industrial stuff just off to the left, so i drove over there. nope. didnt like the looks of that area, either.

i got onto some street that didn’t take me back to the alley but finally managed to figure it out. all this time, C/E Man was in back on the bed, working his cock. i pulled into a parking spot. nobody else was around. i set the van up to look unoccupied then joined my buddy in the back. i pulled off my T-shirt & that’s when i felt him lightly tugging from behind at my shorts & panties. i slid the shorts down my leg as he put his warm hand under the panties & slid them down a little.

dammm, that felt so good! i was moaning instantly. the shorts were at my knees & i fell forward onto my hands & knees. he could fuck me right then & there, if he wanted, but he removed his hand so i finished undressing. he grabbed me & pulled me into the darkness toward the rear. i knew he didnt want oral, he just wanted to fuck & breed me. as before, i laid on my left side.

he knelt behind my butt, pulled the panty fabric to the side & inserted his bare BBC into my slippery ass hole! I took a deep hit from the popper bottle. now, he had taken me to task in recent days abt my not roughly working his balls as he fucked me. he made it clear thats what he wanted & this time i remembered to do so. but i couldn’t. in this position, i could not get access from his front or rear. so much for the balls thing.

Mr. C/E Man didn’t say shit. he just slowly & deeply fucked me till i heard him softly grunt as he pumped his hot wet load into my butt! he was buried as deep as he could go, flooding my ass w/ his cum! then w/ a gasp, he pulled out. i handed him the moist wipes then cleaned up my rear w/ a paper towel. we silently got dressed then i dropped him off.

i checked my cell. no text from Sloppy Seconds White Boy. our schedules often mismatch, he was probably asleep. north on Crenshaw i went then got on the 10 going east then the 110 going north thru downtown.

then i merged onto I-5 going north. CalTrans was doing late-nite construction, they were coning off the right lane. Arrow lights told drivers to move left. i did. then a couple miles farther on, traffic suddenly stopped. construction or crash or what? i sat there for a few minutes. nobody was moving. then a traffic lady on the radio said there was a crash near the Colorado St. exit in Glendale. fuck this shit!

i happened to be right at the LA Zoo exit, so i got off the freeway, crossed over it, thinking i would find my way home on one of the surface streets. wrong. the city blocked off the street at nite, i discovered, but there was a way to hang a U-turn & i did. i hoped it didnt dump me back onto I-5 north. i lucked out, it put me on it going south. i got off at Los Feliz Dr & navigated my way back home, finally arriving at 11:10pm.

i organized the truck, grabbed my tote bag & walked back home. i could feel C/E Man’s cum between my cheeks. i scooped some up & held it to my nose & sniffed. i love the smell of a black man’s goo as it drips from my hole. i took the shower & cleaned up but his cum oozed out of me for hours afterward!