Last night, Sunday, June 12th, i got a text that read: “Whats up?” he provided a South LA address. “It’s cool parking rite there.”

i figured it must be from Expo Man, since he sent me to that location once before, but the text came from a new cell #. does that guy get a new phone twice a month? this is, i think, his 4th new #.

“U gonna be there when i arrive? Last time u summoned me to that location, u didnt show.” i had charged him $10 for making me waste gas, too.

“Yea, I will be there, you just be ready, layin on your side. im a jack u off tonite.” i told him to forget about jacking me off. i want to focus on getting him off, not him focusing on getting me off.

i put on a black jock strap, grabbed my tote bag & hoofed it 2 blocks to my van. i set things up, slipped the key into the ignition, twisted it & the engine came to life. i told Expo Man im on the way. traffic was fast & easy.

i found my way to the 10 freeway, got off at Arlington, went south then west then north to a street that paralleled the freeway. he was right, its a good place to park, despite being in a residential area, which i usually avoid.

after texting him of my arrival, i put lube on my hole, put the sun shields in place. a few minutes later, he knocked on the glass. i let him in then he got in back. i pulled off my T-shirt, stepped out of my slip-on shoes & unbuckled my belt. soon as my shorts slipped down my legs, his hands were on my ass cheeks.

god, i really do love it when a hot guy palms my butt! off came the shorts.

i stretched out on the bed, rolled onto my left side, rested my head on a pillow & pulled my legs up so he could get on his knees at my ass to fuck me! sure enuf, seconds later, he shoved his hard dick deep into my hole!

i had a popper hit as he began thrusting into me, bareback! a couple minutes later, he groaned as he shot his hot wet goo deep into my rear! then he extracted his big dick from my hole, cleaned up w/ a moist wipe & we both got dressed.

A moment later, he popped the door & exited. i didnt know he was a sagger. his boxers were in plain view. i pointed that out to him, in case he wasnt aware, but he ignored me & walked away.

why not clean up? i turned on the lights, got in back & began tidying up the place. thats when i found change on the towel. i texted him: “U left 26 cents behind.” no answer. if u are a fan of this blog, u will remember the little shit storm over the $3 he left behind recently.

fuck it. i’d return it to him next time. with his cum oozing from my butt, i drove home. the pic above i snapped just before i stepped into the shower. i luv the smell of a black man’s load as it drips from my boi-pussy!