As i do every day, i ran a pair of ads on Craigslist, hoping to hear from a few guys who want to stuff their black cocks into me & cum hard. on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016, at 9:16pm, i heard from a man who wrote:

“29 year old BBC here needs his cock sucked asap. my cell is (number deleted). just got done watching the Raider game at a bar and need to be drained on the way home.” he attached 3 tiny pix. on Sunday nites, i got a few things i need to do in prep for Monday, but i had some time before i had to get to that. why not help the man out?

i began typing his # into my text message form & it came up with contact info for “RusMan,” who i’d last seen in early Sept. the way he’d written his email told me he didnt realize he’d stuffed his thick dick into me before. my text to him read:

“Hello RusMan, u just emailed me abt needing a blowjob. u been here before. u want head only or do u also wanna fuck?”


“U remember where i stay?”

“No” i provided the address.

“Can u drain me now?”

“Yes. When will u be here?”

“Few minutes.”

all right! my bed was stripped coz i’d been doing laundry. i spread a towel on the family room carpet, a few feet inside the front door. i put down my water bottle, poppers, hand towel & damp wash cloth. when he arrived, i pointed to the towel & he laid down on it. he pushed his pants down just enuf to expose his 7″ thick cock. i laid down between his legs, on top of his slightly pulled-down pants & took his dick in my mouth!

i sucked him for a couple minutes, got him hard, then locked eyes. “i give a really sloppy blowjob. why dont u take off your pants? they might get wet.” he refused. instead he just pushed them farther down his legs. ok, who cares? even tho it was uncomfortable for me, i got back in position on top of his pants & went back down on him.

i fully delivered the 8 S’s of a good blowjob: Suck, Slurp, Sniff (poppers), Slobber, Stroke, Scrape, Swallow & Soak. RusMan quietly moaned & sometimes lifted his ass off the towel. when he exhaled in my direction, ugh…. really bad breath. dude, please….exhale in a different direction.

he fucked upward into my mouth several times & i did my best to make it feel like he was plunging into a wet pussy. then he erupted! his cum spooged in my mouth; he remained hard, so i just kept on sucking. then 10 min later, he fucked my mouth again & came again! gradually, his dick softened. he asked for a towel, then we cleaned up.

he staggered to his feet, pulled up his pants & buckled them & said he’d be back more often. then, a half hour after he arrived, he & his bad breath walked out the door.

Raiders won!