(Pic above was snapped that day). It was Wednesday, Aug 12, about 9pm. my cell chimed. it was a text from my black fuck bud deep in the sfv. it was a surprise since the day before he told me he would be with his girlfriend thru this coming weekend. he wanted me to drop by at 9:30 & to bring my girl things.

i replied that i would do so. i got my kit bag ready & in it went poppers, lube, blue panties & black thigh-high stockings with lace tops. then i took off for his house. when i arrived, i texted him & he opened the garage. i parked the car, grabbed the bag & followed him inside.

he was doing something in the bathroom as i stripped then put on the blue panties & rolled the black stockings up my shaved legs. then i smeared lube on my ass hole, took a hit from the popper bottle & waited for him. a few minutes later, he walked to the edge of the bed w/ his 9″ cock pointing in my direction. i gobbled it up. he picked up my camera & began snapping pics. we shot 38 pics that nite. all these pix are from that encounter..

suddenly i turned onto my back so i could lick his balls & suck his cock some more. he was in a position to ram it all the way down my throat. i blew him as he snapped lots more pics. he pulled my panties down a little & fondled my dick, which had me moaning as i sucked. i reached up to rub his nipples with the palms of my hands. i wished he would suck me but he did not.

i was ready to get fucked! i laid down on my tummy crosswise on the bed. after taking a popper hit, he screwed the cap back on the bottle. then the cap broke & the bottle slipped from his fingers & hit the floor. a little spilled out. he quickly picked it up & showed me the busted cap. poppers evaporate very quickly. the bottle he held is a big one. i had two half-empty little ones still in my kit bag. my idea was to pour the contents of a small bottle into the partly-empty big bottle then put the small bottle’s cap on the big bottle.

now that was a good idea but the cap did not fit. shit. including shipping, a big bottle of that stuff runs about $30. i took the bottles into his bathroom in case more spilled. i poured the big bottle into one small bottle. when that was filled, i did the same w/ the other small bottle. i tossed the empty big bottle it in his trash can. one small bottle was filled all the way. i cautioned him to hold the bottle level & to sniff gently, otherwise he would get the liquid in his nose.

once the popper emergency was over, i sucked him hard again then laid on my tummy. he got on top of me & poked his bbc against the fabric of my panties at my hole, then slid the fabric aside and buried it all the way in my butt! i groaned loudly! he slowly fucked me bareback for a long time, sometimes extracting his big dick to snap a mess of new pics, then he would resume fucking me. he was getting sweaty as he pounded into me! perspiration was dripping onto my back & neck.

i heard his soft, low voice in my left ear. his lips were right next to it. he told me that he had put his girlfriend on hold for tonite so he could see me. i said thank u. he said he would be seeing me more often than he has lately. thats great. thats good news. the slow, deep fucking continued then he buried it all the way & stopped! i felt it pulse as he shot his hot wet load into my ass! then he gave me a few more strokes & pulled that long wet sausage out. it slapped heavily against my thigh. he caught his breath for a moment then headed off to his bathroom & turned on the water.

he came out to hand me a warm wash cloth. i wiped my ass clean. several minutes later i was back in boy clothes, in my car & about to head back home. i like being his pussy. do u want me to be your pussy, too? im looking for a regular, ongoing hookup only. u must be a black man, hung, height-weight proportional, drug/disease free & prefer u be over 5’7″ tall & 30 or older. if u got a recent neg test for hiv, u can breed me. send your stats, a couple pix, tell me what u need & got planned for tonite & in the weeks to come…..

i go to the gym several days a week to stay in shape. im white, tall, shaved-smooth body, 7″c, hiv-neg on June 1st, sane, dependable & discreet. these are my pix, edited to remove or change identifying details. if we decide to meet up, i will send u my cell #. when u want me, all u got to do is call, text or email. i will answer immediately.

so when when u want a warm wet cocksucking & a nice firm smooth ass to fuck, u know im there for u. do u want me to be your secret slut on the side?