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later he did text me. he said he had to work late & that his cell battery died, which is why he could not notify me. i told him he owed me $10 for gas i wasted on that trip earlier. he said ok to that.the following nite, Thurs, Aug 6, he hit me up again. he got off work early & we agreed to meet at 10pm. he got in & i held out my hand. “$10 please.” he dug into his pocket & produced the gas bucks. then i drove us to a very dark spot several blocks away, next to an industrial building. i prepped the van to look unoccupied & we got on the bed in back.

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i wiped my ass clean w/ a paper towel & he used moist wipes to clean up, then we got dressed. when we were both back in our seats, i started the motor & i drove him home. then i headed to the 110 freeway & went north toward home. i hope he calls me again very soon. hes a very sexy guy, of about 21. i like being his pussy.

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