Why do i write these true-story-ads? becoz i want to turn u on. i want u to want to fuck me………..

at 12:20pm on Wednesday, April 8th, i got a text from my regular guy down in Compton. “horny as heck now,” he wrote. i suggested we meet up at night. he said he would see me at our usual meeting spot at 10pm.

and a couple days ago, my huge-dick fuck buddy, who likes to dress me up, told me he wanted to see me today. we had agreed to meet in the afternoon. he’s the guy shown in these recent pics. fully erect he’s about 10 very thick inches. hes seeing me twice a week these days. we arranged for him to show up at my house at 3pm. he was standing out front when i arrived from the gym. he said he was crazy horny and wanted to fuck right away. i led him to my bedroom, darkened the room and lit some candles.

when i was naked, he showed me a lacy black nightie he wanted me to put on. then he had me lay on my back and slid a woman’s thong up my legs. he stroked his massive dick several times then told me to turn around and lay flat on my stomach. he knelt between my legs as his laptop played a black prono flick. he was about to shove that log deep into me then suddenly remembered he wanted me to suck him!

he laid down next to me and rolled onto his side. his bbc was aimed in my direction. i took that thing into my mouth. he’s amazingly thick. i mean massive in every way. i sucked and slurped as he moaned with pleasure. “damn, i love the way u suck cock,” he said. thats always great to hear. I worked on his rod then his balls as he watched the porno movie. i took a couple hits from my popper bottle. my head was spinning as he began fucking my face!

then he decided to screw my butt. he got back between my legs, smeared lots of slippery stuff on my ass, rolled on a big condom, then positioned the head of his huge dick at my hole, then he stuffed it all the way in! i moaned and yelped at the same time. when he’s buried all the way, it hurts. ten inches of very wide dick into 9 inches of rectum is…shit…i suck at math. he laid on top of me and rode me hard! after several minutes of hard, deep fucking (during which i was trying to please him and hoping he didn’t damage me inside), he groaned loudly and came!


he rolled off of me. we cleaned up and went back out to the living room. i had recorded a movie he wanted to see. i baked up a snack for us and played his movie. when it ended, we went back into the bedroom for Round 2. he stood at the foot of the bed. i was back in his girl clothes then crawled up to suck his wonderful cut bbc. its hard to describe that thing. it really fills up my mouth. i feel grateful that he wants to put that thing in me! he slapped my ass while i sucked him, then he wanted to fuck again. more lube on my ass then once more he shoved…all…of…that…thing into me. i told him it felt like i was giving birth to a phone pole. he chuckled at that.

more furious fucking happened, then he pulled out, breathing very hard again. “thank u,” he whispered. “anytime,” i whispered back. he took a shower then we got dressed and he left about 7:30. i took a break for some food then got ready to meet my Compton man.

i gathered up my tote bag of sex stuff, went out to my cargovan with the bed in the back, and got on the 110 freeway going south. i texted him when i got close, picked him up, then parked on a dark commercial street. he told me that he finally landed the kind of job he had been seeking for the last year. how cool is that? he got in back while i set up the van to look as though it was just an ordinary van, parked for the nite, with nobody in it. then i joined him in back, pulled off my shorts, got down between his legs with my popper bottle in hand, then took his soft dick in my mouth!

he was tired so he didnt respond right away but i kept after it…soon he was getting larger in my mouth, then fully erect. i moved down to his balls, sucked and licked them for a minute, then went back to his cock. “oh damn!” he sighed. i chuckled then pushed all the way down on it; the head of his big penis popped into my throat! i moved up and down in short strokes to give him a throat-fuck sensation, then resumed the blowjob. its not possible to breathe with a dick in your throat. in case u didnt know.  :=)

he got up on his knees and fucked my face then reached over to rub my ass, then he slapped it. i had my gray bikini briefs on still. “wanna fuck?” i asked. “yeah!” he said softly. i pulled one leg out of my underwear, squeezed out some lube, smeared it on my ass hole then pushed some inside. then squeezed out some more. i took his 8 inch dick in my hand and stroked it, spreading the lube all over it. then i got on all 4s with my legs apart. he aimed the head of his cock at my hole then pushed it all the way in! i groaned out loud….

i took another sniff from the popper bottle as he started fucking me hard and steady! i matched his rhythm and pushed back with every stroke. i also reached between my legs to massage his balls as he screwed me bareback. i urged him on, telling him im his pussy, to fuck me good. he did. he gave me a good pounding for several minutes then gripped my hips as he began fucking me really hard and fast! “fuck me, cum in me!” i told him. more fucking then he cried out and suddenly stopped! i could feel his dick pumping his hot wet load into me! then he fucked me some more, slowed down, stopped, and pulled out.

often he likes to fuck twice, i asked if he wanted to go again, but he said he was done. i handed him the baby wipes then i cleaned the lube off my butt, then we got dressed. “i really like the way u cum,” i said. “that’s what my ex-girlfriend used to say, that she liked the way i cum,” he replied. “well, just think of me as your girlfriend on demand, whenever u need.” i drove to the pickup point, said goobye and he got out. i got on the freeway heading north, as his cum dripped from my hole into my briefs…. what could be better than that? well, actually, 3 loads of cum, but 1 dripping out.  :=)

for both of these men, i am their secret white slut on the side. do u need me in your life too? im ONLY looking to meet up on a regular ongoing basis. u need to be a black man, big dick, height-weight proportional, drug/disease free, over 30 and 5-ft-8 or taller. send your stats, a couple pics, tell me what u want and tell me what u got planned for us tonite and in the weeks to come. if we decide to meet, i will send u my cell #. when u want me, just text, or email or call. its that simple!

about me: older white dude, 64, athletic body (gym 5 days a week), shaved smooth, 7″c, hiv-neg on Feb 2nd, sane, always dependable and 100% discreet. these pix are of me and my huge-dick friend (above), edited to change or remove or blur identifying details. so my true-story-ad is finished. did it work – do u want to fuck me on a reg basis too? then send me what i asked for and we will make it happen.