Just call me “Guesstimate.”

Who am I? My name isn’t important. I’m just an older white man in the greater Los Angeles area who loves big black cock. I love to suck and lick them, give deep throat, suck and lick balls, get face fucked, swallow cum and sniff poppers while doing so. And I love to be ass fucked. I prefer bareback, provided the man is recently tested HIV-negative.

So welcome to my site. If you like what you see here, do me a favor. Post stories or the main URL (bbcinme.com) on other sites you frequent, such as Instagram, Twitter, sex forums or whatever. Or email or text the address to people you think would be interested. Do your part to let others discover and enjoy this.

All the pictures on this site are of me and various men. They have all been edited to change or remove identifying details, to keep everybody out of trouble. All pics were snapped with the consent of those guys; in many cases they did some of the photography.

If you’re wondering where to buy poppers if your local adult store doesn’t sell them, just click for poppers online.

In many of my pics, you will find me wearing girl things. I used to say I’m not a dresser but if a guy wants me to be in something feminine and it turns him on..why not? I’ve actually had men contact me from my various ads and say that I look better in lingerie than their woman does. That’s hard to believe but I do hear that now and then.

And by mid-2018, I’ve got actual woman breasts! I have no fetish about putting on female clothes but I’m loving my new (and growing) tits. I’ve begun buying bras.

The stories I put on this site recount exceptional events. By no means do I write up each encounter. I get a lot more big black dick than indicated by these stories.

I’m very dedicated to what I do. I love it so much that I spent $4,500 on a cargo van. It’s my rolling “ho-house,” with me as the ho. I had the steel barrier behind the seats ripped out. Shelving was removed. I pulled up the rubber floor mat. I covered the rear windows with blackout cloth. I had new carpet put in. I found a queen-size foam mattress that would fit in the back provided I carved a chunk out of each side so it would fit between the wheel tubs.


Then I went shopping for sheets, pillows, a bed cover, big towels and a bag that hangs on the back of one seat that contains supplies. I have all the supplies that could be needed. Once that was done, I drove it to an auto glass tinting place and had the sliding door window turned 95% limo black. I even have a blackout curtain I can set up behind the front seats. It looks like an ordinary van on the outside but the inside is sweet! But I only use the van at night, after evening rush hour.

I hope you enjoy my true stories. Most of them were used in Craigs List advertising. I got a lot of positive comment about them so I made up this little blog and put them here.

If you want to contact me directly, just click to email me.