Yesterday, Wed. Jan 13th, i got a text from 1 of my regulars in South LA. he said, “Hey, i was just reading your CL ad and looking at your pics. i wanna fuck you tonite.” he added that he wanted to snap some pics in my van. sounded great to me! i pointed out that flash photography in a van at nite in any place where people are will attract the kind of attention that could be dangerous. the place we usually park wouldnt be suitable. but using Street View i did find a few other places a couple miles away that we could probably get away with pics.

later he texted to say he was in the bathroom jerking off to my pics. i told him to take a cold shower, to save his load for me. he said ok & we agreed i would meet him at 9pm. when it came time to leave, i texted to be sure we were still good to go. no answer. another text. no answer. then i told him, “if u dont answer me now, im not gonna leave.” no answer. scratch that romp in bed.

as i’ve said before, real life isn’t like a porn movie. things don’t always happen as planned. sometimes they dont happen at all.

fuck it, i thought, maybe someone else will hit me up before it gets too late. i was just chillin’ in front of the TV when a text arrived from 1 of my regulars downtown at 11:15. he wanted to know if it was too late to meet. he’s not far away so i wouldnt be getting back home at 1:30am. i said i could see him. he said he had 30 minutes. i pointed out it takes 10 minutes for me to get ready, walk to my van (2 blocks away), set it up then leave. then it takes 20 minutes to travel to him.

“well, 30 minutes will run out soon as i put my mouth on your cock,” i texted.

“have u ever tasted my cum, btw?” he asked. no – every time he shot his load in my ass. “would u like to?” i said it’s up to him, that i love being fucked & love to suck cock & that i would be happy to suck him off if thats what he wanted. so it looked like this would be oral only. i grabbed my tote bag, then prepped the van & hit the road. 20 minutes later, i pulled into the parking lot where he lives & sent a text. a couple minutes later, he got in my truck.

we both got undressed. i knew he wanted oral only but i figured he might change his mind & want to fuck. i got between his legs & took a deep sniff from my popper bottle. a few seconds in my mouth & his half-hard dick went to full hard. it’s of average length but very thick. i sucked & slobbered & licked that thing, then his balls, then back to his dick. i had him groaning out loud. i lightly scraped my lower teeth along the underside of his wet shaft…twice. that nearly put him into orbit.


then, while having only the head in my mouth, i “flipped” my lower lip against his shaft several times. then i went most of the way down, sealed my lips around it & varied the vacuum; each time i did a strong suck, the flat of my tongue pressed against his cock. i thought he was abt to explode. then i heard him ask, “are u ready to fuck?” oh cool! i smeared lube on my butt & all over his rigid cock & got on my hands & knees, w/ my face buried in a pillow.

he pushed the head of that BBC against my hole. this is a very thick cock so i really feel it when he crams it into me. i groaned into the pillow, then he began fucking me. he’s got a wonderfully sexy & sensual way of fucking, i really love it. i reached under to massage his balls as his bareback dick moved in & out of me. several minutes later, after a lot of slow fucking, he spurted his hot wet load deep in me. he came to a slow stop then made two more slow strokes, stopped again then pulled out. his wet dick slapped against my right thigh….

i handed him the moist wipes, then paper-towelled my butt & we got dressed. i thanked him for the fun, said i’d see him again soon, then headed out toward the 110 freeway. That’s when I found that CalTrans blocked the onramp for construction. shit! instead of north on the 110, i went south then east of the 10 then north on I-5. got home at 12:30am. i stripped to take a shower then ran my middle finger in my ass crack. it was wet from oozing cum. i scooped some up, took a sniff (& a pic of that), then stepped into the shower & turned on the water.

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