From prior posts, you know about Master Jerry. He seemed interested in me. I had asked what his plan was & he said he would turn me out to homeless guys to fuck bareback.

I wrote to him: “Master Jerry, I have been a slut for a long time. I would suck any dick, get fucked by anyone but became more cautious when the AIDS crisis hit. What you propose sounds like big fun. I could really get into it. If you will be the one in charge of making it happen, then you are also the one responsible for keeping me from contracting diseases. What is your plan for that?”

His reply: “go see your doctor 3 months after bareback sex…. penicillin.”


I wrote: “Oh. well, that would take care of bacterial STDs, i think, but not HIV. that’s a virus. penicillin isnt effective on viruses, is it?” (Also, it takes care of any STDs well after they would have been transmitted to other folks)…

Of course, I know full well that antibiotics are not effective on HIV. The risk in his plan isn’t just about bacterial STDs but also HIV. I framed the above question to see if he’d tell me that penicillin would take care of HIV also.

His reply: “you bareback, you take loads- what’s your deal?  you are an adult – take responsibility for your behavior.”

Nope. He wasn’t trying to bullshit me into dangerously slutty behavior by lying. No doubt he gets off on his subs engaging in such behavior. But I doubt if the one selecting the tops is the bottom, probably it’s the master. If so, then he has the responsibility to keep his sub healthy.

Evidently, though, he’s doing nothing about it. Here, he’s saying I’m responsible for my own behavior & the consequences, even though I’m likely not the 1 setting things up & finding the tops. In other words, if you don’t want to get infected, don’t get stupidly slutty.

OK. I won’t.


On another matter, I had mentioned some guy with a boastful email handle who’d been hitting on me for a couple years, once every few months. To recap, nothing ever happened w/ him. Our most recent conversation goes back 1 week.


Once I searched emails, I remembered nothing ever happened w/ him so I told him to get lost. He seemed to change his attitude & we began talking. He even provided his email & cell #. The texts went back & forth. Several days after he 1st promised, he did send a dick pic. That’s it, above.

Yesterday, May 16th, we planned to meet at 9pm. Using Street View & satellite images, I chose a place to park where we were unlikely to be noticed. We did confirm by text shortly before I left in the van. When I arrived at the meeting spot, I again texted by location. No answer.

I just played a game on my phone. At the 5-minute mark, I told him I would leave in 5 more minutes. No reply. Then I left. In an earlier post, I mentioned that guys with boastful handles are usually not real. Apparently this guy also isn’t.

I did some research. Using the cell # he gave me & doing research on his email address, I know his full name, the name of his business, Twitter account, Facebook page, Google+ page, etc. But I’ll hold all that confidential. His boastful email handle is: The Machine. If you see that name show up in your email, don’t waste your time.

I didn’t go home right away. I stopped at a deli, wrote up a story for an upcoming CL ad & had some hot chili. “The Machine” wasted my time but I really enjoyed the chili.